Accused Serial Killer to Defend Himself in Rape, Murder Trial

The man accused of raping and murdering four women is defending himself in a death penalty trial that began on Wednesday.

Steven Dean Gordon, 47, won the right to defend himself in his death penalty trial earlier this year.

"You've heard the expression, 'Trying to right the wrong?'" he said. "Well, that's what I'm trying to accomplish and only cowards hide behind their attorneys."

Gordon told jurors it was his partner, Franc Cano, who strangled the four women, all with ties to prostitution.

Only one has been found, Jarrea Esteep. Her naked body was discovered on a conveyer belt, at an Anaheim recycling plant.

In court, the defendant said what happened to Esteep was "horrifying." But he didn't go into detail.

Gordon kept pointing the finger of blame at Cano, laying out a story of a man who was his friend, his partner and also the guilty one. Prosecutors say both men wore GPS tracking devices at the time of the crimes. Both were registered sex offenders. Cano has not yet been tried.

"In no way am I a saint, but I have a conscience," he said. "He does not. He's a predator and I'm going to prove it to you."

Among those Gordon called to the stand were co-workers who testified they knew he hung out with Cano and that both men lived in their cars in a parking lot.

Gordon says over the next few days he will call police and probation officers as he continues to build his defense.

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