Painter Electrocuted in Westchester

The accident happened at 6645 W. 86th Place on Tuesday

A painter in a cherry picker in Westchester was apparently electrocuted Tuesday.

The accident at 6645 W. 86th Place was reported at 2:34 p.m., Brian Humphrey of the fire department said.

"I looked up and the guy was lying there literally on fire," said Jeff Powell. "He was on fire for a good 8-10 minutes before the fire department pulled up."

According to reports from the scene, the basket of the cherry picker caught on fire, and the man was not moving.

Firefighters were waiting for electricity to the area to be cut off before moving the cherry picker, Humphrey said. The man may have been painting when the accident occurred, he said.

Authorities closed 86th Place between Emerson and McConnell avenues after the accident.

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