Family Mourns Shooting Victim Found Dead on El Sereno Sidewalk

The victim suffered multiple gunshot wounds, according to police

A shooting victim was found dead on a sidewalk early Tuesday in a neighborhood northeast of Los Angeles.

The victim, whose identity was not immediately confirmed by police, was found at about 2 a.m. on a sidewalk in the 5200 bock of East Ithaca Avenue in El Sereno. He was shot multiple times and died at the scene, police said.

Family members identified the dead man as 27-year-old Ramon Barrientos, a father-to-be.

Residents told police they did not hear an argument before the shooting. Police did not have a description of the attacker or vehicle.

The assailant likely approached the victim on foot, police said. Investigators were hoping to find surveillance video that could provide clues.

"I was getting ready to do to work and got a message from my cousin  (asking) me if I had heard what happened to my brother," Aurelio Barrientos said. "I called him and he said that he was murdered."

Family members, who described him as paranoid-schizophrenic, said Barrientos might not have realized he was in danger if someone approached him.

"Nobody deserves to be killed whatsoever, good or bad," his sister,  Alina Bahrna said. "Nobody deserves that. It is just so heartbreaking."

She said she does not wish any ill will on the person or people who killed her brother.

"Only God knows, and he will determine what will happen to them," Bahrna said. "But I mean, I don't wish any bad for that person."

Mourners left flowers and candles where Barrientos died.

The family is planning a memorial service at the conclusion of the autopsy.

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