West Covina

Man Gifted New Walker by West Covina Police Department After His Was Stolen

A West Covina man received a pleasant surprise from the West Covina Police Department after he was left without a walker.

West Covina Police Department officers received a call that a man had his walker stolen.

Officers arrived at his doorstep to present him with a brand new walker with a sign that read “We are sorry your walker was stolen, Enjoy your new walkes from West Covina Dispatch!”

According to police, the man’s walker was stolen after he left it unattended on the sidewalk.

This led him to use a golf club in order to get around.

This story touched the hearts of West Covina dispatcher Nicole Santoyo, alongside Officer Brian Kearns and Officer Carlos Gonzalez who took the new walker to his house to surprise him.

The man was surprised by the police department’s kind act.

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