Man Killed Allegedly by Suge Knight Called “Great, Caring, Loving”

Terry Carter was killed in a hit-and-run allegedly by the truck driven by rap mogul Marion "Suge" Knight.

The businessman who was struck and killed allegedly by a rap mogul's vehicle is remembered as a successful entrepreneur and family man, who gave back to his community as a mentor and a foster parent.

Throughout the day Friday, a stream of extended family members and friends of Terry Carter, many with tears, came to the his home in the Park Ladera neighborhood north of Inglewood.

"He was a great, caring, loyal, loving man," said daughter Crystal Carter, 28.

Added Avis Ridley-Thomas, a cousin and the wife of Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas: "I can't even count the number of  people — of the number of children — he fostered and helped go to college."

At one point in the afternoon, a dozen came outside to speak of their loss.

Terry Carter was described as a "serial entrepreneur" whose business interests ranged from real estate to automobiles to music, including Heavyweight Records for which he partnered with rapper and businessman Ice Cube.

The alleged driver of the pickup that struck Carter is someone he knew: Death Row Records founder Marion "Suge" Knight, who left the scene, but later surrendered to authorities.

Knight was booked into jail on suspicion of murder.

Skipp Townsend, an activist, was in disbelief.

"They were close friends," he said. "I don't believe in my heart that Suge Knight would have ever wanted to hurt Terry Carter. I can't say that it's not true, but I say in my heart that I believe they were good friends."

Carter was in Compton Thursday in connection with filming for "Straight Outta Compton," a biopic based on the rap crew N.W.A that sent shock waves when it burst onto the scene in the late 1980s.

According to family, Carter had been instrumental in arranging for production in Compton, where he grew up.

Knight was also in Compton, at the location where promotional filming was taking place, but asked to leave after becoming involved in an argument with actor Cle Shaheed "Bone" Sloan, according to Los Angeles Sheriff's Homicide Lt. John Corina.

Later, after filming wrapped, Knight drove into the parking lot of a nearby hamburger restaurant, where a second altercation occurred with Sloan and others, punches being thrown through the open driver's side window of Knight's pickup truck as he remained behind the wheel, Corina said.

As it now appears to investigators, according to Corina, during the next few chaotic moments, Knight backed up his truck, striking and injuring Sloan.  When Knight then drove forward, the truck struck and killed Carter.

Knight's attorney James Blatt said these were accidents as Knight tried to escape an "attack."

Corina said there is evidence Knight deliberately ran into the individuals.

With investigation still underway, sheriff's officials have not yet gone to the Los Angeles District Attorney to seek the filing of any charges.

Carter had invited Knight to return to the Tam's Burgers, according to Blatt.

Members of Carter's family were reluctant to discuss Knight, 49, his previous dealings with Terry Carter, or what may have led to the encounter.  They pointedly did not refer to him as a friend.

"We don't have any comments about Suge Knight," said one woman who was identified simply as among those Carter and wife Lillian had raised in their home. "It's about our family and what we're going through at this time."

Sloan is not yet prepared to comment publicly on what happened, said his representative, Jermaine Shelton.

"He’s fine, recovering. We are glad he is doing better," Shelton said.

Sloan's film credits include 2001's "Training Day" with Denzel Washington, and the 2008 film, "Street Kings."

Sloan, 51, founded a nonprofit organization, Aktive, to work to reduce gang violence.

Carter was also lauded for his work in gang intervention. Avis Ridley Thomas said they had worked together.

She rejected any suggestion of Carter being involved in an attack on Knight.

"There's no reason to believe Terry would be involved in any violence at all," Ridley-Thomas said.

"I just want justice for my dad," said Crystal Carter.

UPDATE: In an earlier version of this story, Cle Sloan's representative Jermaine Shelton was attributed saying Sloan was out of the hospital. Shelton later contacted NBC4 to say that he was not quoted correctly and that Sloan remains in the hospital.

Beverly White contributed to this report.

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