Man Killed While Chasing Thief Who Robbed Him

A man was shot and killed while following the thief who robbed him at a San Bernardino park in a year when homicides far outpace last year's number, police said.

Christian Morales, 19, of Colton, was found bleeding in his car in a driveway after being robbed at Lytle Creek Park on Monday at 8:38 p.m., police said.

Morales went after the man, chasing him in his car until the robber pulled into a driveway along Poplar Street. A short confrontation ended when the robber opened fire on the victim.

Eddie Sanchez said his son ran outside to see what had happened.

"Dad, dad," Sanchez said his son told him. "I think somebody is dying in the car."

On Tuesday, shattered glass peppered the middle of the street.

Jocelyne Urdieta said her husband was with Montanez as he lay bleeding in his car before paramedics arrived.

"He was bleeding from his face," Urdieta. "It looked like he got shot in the neck."

His death is the city's 27th homicide of the year in a city with the dubious distinction of having the title of most dangerous city in the state.

San Bernardino residents say they've grown angry and frustrated and live in constant fear, knowing that the gunman is still out there.

"He's out there," said one neighbor who declined to be identified. "He could be my neighbor, for all I know."

Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Lewis at (909) 384-5762 or Sgt. Sullivan at (909) 384-5615.

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