Man Makes Thanksgiving Gesture With a Honeybaked Ham

After he passed the ham to the father of a little girl who looked cold, he said, "I'm thankful for everything I have, so you know, pass it on."

As people waited in line for hours to buy Honeybaked Ham for their Thanksgiving meals, one man decided to use one of those hams to make another family's Thanksgiving better.

Rouben Bedrosian had his son stand in the line that wrapped around the Honeybaked Ham in Glendale while he was at work. About a half-hour later, he relieved his son abend waited another hour and a half to buy a ham.

Yet when he neared the front of the line, he started thinking about those who were still waiting in line outside.

"And then when I got to the front counter, you know thinking of everyone else that's in line, I said 'you know what Rouben, why don't you buy another ham and pretty much whoever the last person in line is, go up and take them a piece of ham, and a pie, and ... make their thanksgiving,'" Bedrosian said.

He purchased a second ham and a pumpkin pie and did just that.

"I didn't pick anybody in particular, but I saw a little girl, she looked cold," Bedrosian said.

After he passed the ham to the girl's father, Joe Finnegan, he said, "God bless you guys. I'm thankful for everything I have, so you know, pass it on."

Finnegan had come to the store three times earlier Wednesday, but had to leave each time because he did not have time to wait hours in line.

"I don't know what to say," Finnegan said. "What I was worried about is she's cold, and I don't have a jacket for her, so thank you."

Finnegan said he had planned to wait as long as his daughter, Taylor, "could hang in there" in the cold. He was surprised at Bedrosian's gesture.

"These days everyone's pretty fired up, everyone's pretty upset about things, and to have someone come by and do something nice like that that's genuine and humanity, it's pretty cool," Finnegan said.

Bedrosian said he wanted to make the gesture because he is thankful.

"The only reason I did that is because I'm very thankful," Bedrosian said. "I'm thankful for what I have. I'm thankful for my family. I'm thankful for what my parents have taught me that are no longer with me, but it's always good to be generous and give."

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