Federal Employee Injured When Man Rams Federal Building

A man apparently disgruntled with the federal government rammed a garage door of a federal building in Laguna Niguel on Thursday night, injuring a worker and the FBI was investigating, officials said.

After hitting the pedestrian about 4:30 p.m. the vehicle came to rest against the Chet Holifield Federal Building in the 24000 block of Avila Road, according to the Orange County Sheriff's Department and reports from the scene.

Federal Protective Service officers took the driver into custody and both he and the injured pedestrian, also a man, were taken to a hospital, according to Laura Eimiller of the FBI.

The conditions of both men were not immediately available.

The man had been circling the building and driving erratically before he had an interaction with security.

The man left, then returned shortly after 4 p.m., crashing into a garage door at the heavily fortified building and injuring a worker.

It was unclear if the motorist was aiming for the pedestrian or the garage entrance.

Hundreds of workers were forced to wait to leave the building during the investigation.

Eimiller said the suspect would be charged in connection with the assault, possibly as soon as Friday.

A sheriff's bomb squad was dispatched to assist federal authorities investigating the crash and no threat was found in the vehicle or the surrounding area, Eimiller said.

Robert Kovacik contributed to this report.

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