Man Who Found Possible Manson Victim as Teen Speaks Out

More than 45 years after a young woman's body was discovered in the Hollywood Hills, the remains were identified by investigators and confirmed her family's fears that the young woman was killed.

Detectives are trying to determine if the woman identified as 19-year-old Reet Jurvetson of Montreal, Canada was killed by Manson followers the same group responsible for several stabbing deaths in 1969, about six miles away from where Jervensen's body was found.

Trevor Santochi recalled Nov. 16, 1969, the day he discovered Jurvetson's body. Santochi was 15 years old when he found her body as he was hiking near Mulholland Drive.

Investigators said Jurvetson was stabbed 157 times.

"It's something you never forget," Santochi said.

"I looked over the side of Mulholland Drive and saw a body that was contorted," Santochi said.

LAPD Detective Luis Rivera said DNA was used from the woman's sister and compared to the DNA of the woman previously known as Jane Doe 59. The results indicated a "very strong family linkage."

Due to the location where Jurvetson was found and the time period, they were working to determine if there was a connection to the Manson murders, according to the LAPD.

Jurvetson was found about three months before the infamous Manson murders began with the deaths of pregnant actress Sharon Tate and four other people who were fatally stabbed.

"People were going into houses and killing people and nobody knew why. So, everybody was spooked at that time," Santochi said.

The LAPD may never have known who Jane Doe 59 was until last year when Jervensen's high school friend came across pictures online.

"I recognized her right away. I knew it was her and so I went and called the Los Angeles Cold Case Department," said Ilmi Simman, a friend of Jurvetson.

Investigators said they spoke with 81-year-old Charles Manson last year about the case involving Jurvetson but did not find anything.

LAPD said the case remains open and ongoing.

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