Woman Claims Neighbor's Marijuana Smoke Seeps Into Bedroom

She says if she does not sleep on her sofa that she develops a migraine and feels "hung over"

A Studio City woman is claiming she is forced to sleep on a sofa instead of her own bed because of a strong odor seeping into her apartment she believes is marijuana.

"This is seriously high test grade whatever it is," Lisa Lee told NBC4 Wednesday.

Lee noticed the strange smell about a year ago and said that if she sleeps in her bedroom, she feels sick the next day.

The smell is so strong, Lee said, that she feels "kind of hung over" and has "a migraine all day."

Lee's apartment complex is smoke-free, and management has sent letters to renters to remind them of the smoke-free policy in place, she said.

The apartment's maintenance crew has also been unsuccessful in finding where the smoke is originating, Lee said.

She "walked the floors" to try to locate the source and said she became frustrated and called the police.

"The police have said, 'If we can't smell it from a doorway, we can't knock on that door,'" she said.

She does not want to move out or cause problems with neighbors.

"Moving is stressful. I love my unit. I love this building," Lee told NBC4.

She simply wants the fumes, which have become a health concern, to stop.

"If you are going to be drying it, cooking, smoking it, whatever they are doing, just know that it's going into somebody's else's vents," she added.

NBC4 contacted the leasing office, but was referred to the regional office. NBC4 did not immediately receive a response.

The LA County Department of Public Health told NBC4 that Lee should call the Environmental Health Department to investigate the matter.

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