Los Angeles

Metro Bikes Are Free to New Riders this May

The promo code to get the free bikes is BIKEMONTH17

It’s apparently “Bike Month” this May and it’s not going unnoticed. Metro is making its bikes free for a whole month to new riders in downtown Los Angeles.

To get a free monthly pass for Metro Bike Share, users need to sign up online any time during the month of May and use the promo code BIKEMONTH17 at checkout.

The monthly pass is typically $20 and allows for unlimited rides during each month. Riders’ free month begins the same day they purchase their pass.

The only catch is that you can’t keep your bike for longer than 30 minutes for each individual trip without getting charged. All trips for longer than half an hour (between when you check out a bike and when you dock it at another station) will cost $1.75 per half hour. So make sure to set up your timers. You can however use the pass for multiple rides each day.

The offer lasts until May 31, 2017 and is only good for new pass holders. Passes must be redeemed online.

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