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Metro Tests Out a New Security System That Scans for Firearms, Explosives

The system scans people as they pass, detecting explosives or firearms

Metro officials tested a new security system Tuesday at the Seventh Street/Metro Center subway station in downtown Los Angeles as it continues to evaluate ways of bolstering safety on transit lines.

The system, being tested in conjunction with the Transportation Security Administration and ThruVis TAC, is a portable device resembling a stack of crates. The system scans people as they walk by, detecting explosives or firearms.

According to Metro, the scans do not reveal any anatomical details of passengers -- a complaint generated by some airport body scanners. The system also works passively, so there is no need for people to stand in airport-style security lines.

According to Digital Barriers, the company that developed the ThruVis system, the technology can detect weapons or contraband using safe and non-invasive imaging.

Metro plans to test the system again Wednesday.

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