Union Station

Metro Tests a New Security Screening System Designed to Detect Threats in Seconds

The possible new screening system can detect firearms, explosives and has a facial recognition component.

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority teamed up with the Transportation Security Administration and Evolv Technology to test a new weapon screening system Wednesday at Union Station.

Starting with the Metro Red Line at Union Station, the new, portable screening system can scan 600 people per hour with each scan taking just a fraction of a second to detect a variety of mass casualty threats.

"We want to always be looking at the horizons for the newest technologies that are going to help improve safety on the Metro system, so this is the type of technology that we're looking at now," Metro Spokesperson Dave Sotero said.

The system scans in real time and will alert officials if any threats are on board before any potential harm can be done.

Such threats include firearms and explosives. To further increase safety among Metro passengers, the system also has a facial recognition component.

The proposed security system does not store raw data and its application is flexible since it is portable and on wheels.

The portability is convenient because it allows for random screenings when needed, Sotero said.

"We're going to look into how effectively people can get through this system and still catch their trains," he said.

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