Thousands of Birds, Fish, Other Animals Found in Small Warehouse

People who work near the warehouse noticed a "horrendous" odor in recent days

Thousands of animals, some of them dead, were found at a small warehouse Friday in southwestern San Bernardino County.

The person suspected of hoarding the animals, including chickens, reptiles and fish, was arrested earlier on unrelated charges, according to Montclair police. Other animals were found alive inside the building in the 4500 block of Arrow Highway in Montclair. 

Details about he investigation that led to the arrest were not immediately available. The individual's name was not released Friday morning.

People who work in the area said they noticed a foul odor coming from the warehouse in an industrial business area.

"The smell coming from this place has been horrendous," said Peggy Aing. "We knew what was going on for weeks. I started seeing animals being delivered, from snakes to tons and tons of bird, roosters."

The rescued animals will be relocated. Investigators said most of the 1,000 to 3,000 animals in the building were alive. 

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