Los Angeles

More Train Cars to Be Added to Metro Expo Line

More cars were put into use Monday to accommodate growing ridership on Metro's Expo Line, which has been embraced by commuters, beachgoers and fans attending USC and Rams football games at the Coliseum. The light-rail line was extended from Culver City to Santa Monica in May, with trains arriving every 12 minutes.

The line originates at the 7th Street/Metro Station in downtown Los Angeles. The additional cars will bring weekday wait times down to every six minutes until 8 p.m., after which trains will run every 20 minutes. Weekend frequencies will be every 12 minutes until 9 p.m., when it becomes every 20 minutes. Metro officials Monday marked the delivery of the 50th Kinkisharyo International light rail car, out of a total order of 235.

Four Model P3010 rail cars -- assembled at Kinkisharyo's Palmdale plant -- are being delivered per month.

"Since Metro opened the Expo Line last May, the demand for service from the public has been incredible," Metro board Chair John Fasana said. "Now Metro is increasing the number of train cars used on the line to accommodate the many riders who have chosen to take transit instead of driving on the congested Westside."

The Expo Line has been increased in capacity by a third, going from nine trains with three cars each to 18 trains, each with two cars. Once more light rail vehicles become available, the 18 trains will be steadily upped to three cars each, according to Metro.

"For our Expo riders who have experienced our packed trains, this will be a welcome change," said Metro CEO Phillip A. Washington. "This will be a great relief for thousands of Metro commuters and hopefully encourage new

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