Highland Park

More than 20 Cars Destroyed in Highland Park Carport Fire

A massive fire destroyed more than 20 vehicles in a condo apartment complex in Highland Park early Sunday morning.

The fire engulfed two carports in the Arroyo Seco Village apartments around 2a.m.

The fire spread very quickly, destroying the cars and leabing many of them unrecognizable.

The flames exploded through the vehicles and carports.

Many residents worried the fire would spread into the building, where at least six units experienced some damage such as melted windows and doors.

One of the units did catch on fire, but no residents were injured.

“We couldn’t see anything, it was so smoky,” said Denise Ovaldson, a resident of the apartment complex.

Many residents lost more than jut their vehicles after the fire also affected storage units near the carports.

It is not clear what started the fire, as authorities are still investigating.

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