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Burglars Burrow Through Wall to Steal Thousands in Moreno Valley Tattoo Shop Heist

"I got extra motion detectors. I got 16 cameras inside and outside," he said. "Still can't get a break, you know?"

A trio of masked men burrowed into a wall next to a Moreno Valley tattoo shop, going as far as to crawl around once inside to avoid tripping the security system, in a low-rent "Mission Impossible"-style heist where they netted a grand total of $15,000 plus jewelry.

The whole break-in was caught on camera at Ink House Tattoo located at 24705 Alessandro Blvd. early Sunday morning.

Now the owner wants the public to check out the video and see if anyone recognizes the burglars.

"I've got five kids. This is how I feed my family," Hustle said, who also noted that this is his main source of income as a small-business owner.

The burglars had a plan. First, one man cut the wires of a light pole, effectively blacking out the parking lot, so they could work under cover of darkness.

Moments later, the men break into an empty business next door to the tattoo shop by shattering the glass door.

They eventually dig through a wall that borders Ink House Tattoo shop.

The hole is just big enough for a burglar to crawl inside, and avoid setting off the alarm.

The man stayed low enough to the ground to prevent the motion detectors from going off.

Once inside, the other burglars hand him tools through the hole in the wall, and the burglar then heads to a back office.

"They got lucky and found my safe, where I kept most of my tattoo equipment and money, and important documents," the owner said.

Although the safe was bolted to the wall, the burglars were able to pry it off.

On the surveillance footage, you see one of them running out the back door holding the safe, which Hustle says had about $15,000 in it.

"Tattoo is a cash business, and I think it was a drop for like a week or something," he said.

Hustle said this is the third time someone has broken into his tattoo shop through a wall or the roof.

Another business a few doors down was burglarized in a similar way the week before.

Hustle said as a business owner, this type of crime is simply frustrating.

"I got extra motion detectors. I got 16 cameras inside and outside," he said. "Still can't get a break, you know?"

The empty store they broke into next to the shop has security bars but the burglars were still able to get inside.

Anyone who recognizes the men or has information for authorities should call Riverside County Sheriff's Department 1-800-950-2444.

Heather Navarro contributed to this report.

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