Mother Holds Vigil for 7-Year-Old Girl Hospitalized After Being Shot in Head

Gunmen fired shots from the street outside a family's home in Port Hueneme on July 2.

Maryam Davis held back tears Thursday from her wheelchair talking about her 7-year-old daughter Kaylana who remains hospitalized in a medically-induced coma after being shot while she was taking a bath.

"She has tubes in her mouth, can't talk, sometimes can't breathe. It's hard," she said. 

Davis, who is four months pregnant with her fourth child, still has nightmares of July 2 when two gunmen opened fire from the street and shots blasted through her Port Hueneme home.

"I was getting ready to give her a bath, next thing you know shots just fired through my house," she said.

A bullet hit the girl in the head.

Her father, Keith, scooped up his bleeding daughter and ran 100 yards down the street to a fire station crying out for hellp.

"To see your child with a hole in their head all you can think is, 'dear god help me,'" he said.

Once he reached the fire station, Keith got help from a Port Hueneme officer.

"Officer, we're so blessed, we are so grateful for you," Lana's mother said. "If it weren't for you, it might have turned out different."

Later both daughter and mother were hospitalized.

On Sunday while praying by her bedside and hoping their daughter would pull through, they saw signs of hope, while they played her favorite song "Old Town Road."

"She put her thumbs up. My baby, she's a strong fighter," Maryam said.

Her mother and father hold vigil at her hospital bed, hoping for more signs of recovery.

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