Mother Outraged at Solicitor Asking for Funeral Donations for Her Living Son

The mother believes the man got her son's photo off social media or the internet. She recognized it right away.

A mother in Monrovia says she was angered when she came across a solicitor asking for donations to help bury a loved one -- only the photo of the loved one was the woman's son, who is very much alive. 

That solicitor was caught on camera with the false photo, and it apparently wasn't the first time.

"You're really out here with that picture again? That's my friend's brother," a man can be heard on video.

The man who took the video told NBCLA he was shocked to see a solicitor holding a sign featuring his friend's face, asking for help to bury his alleged loved one.

"See that picture right there? That's my friend Veronica's brother and this guy has nothing to do with him," the man says on the video.

The solicitor disappears onto a bus, near Mountain Avenue and Huntington Drive.

Two weeks earlier, the mother of the man in the photo confronted the same solicitor in Azusa.

On a video, the mother asks the man, "Excuse me, you said your brother passed? What happened to him?"

The man replies, "He had a heart attack."

The mother responds, "Let me see. Really, that's your brother? How about, that's my son?"

The mother did not want to be identified and didn't want to disclose her son's information, but she did express her outrage. 

"Its very infuriating because it's my child, and he's alive and you're benefiting, profiting off of his face," the mother said.

On the video, the mother says, "If you look closely, that's me in (the photo) with him, so how did you get the picture of my son?"

The mother believes the man got her son's photo off social media or the elsewhere on the internet. She recognized it right away.

She says all she wants is for the man to stop using her son's picture.

"The message is, 'Guy, go get yourself a job. Earn an honest living like the rest of us do all day, every day, and get off the streets.'"

The mother said she called the police when she saw the man and said she plans to file a police report.

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