Caught on Camera: Motorcyclist Smashes Car Window With Helmet

Authorities are investigating a caught-on-camera road rage confrontation in which a motorcyclist was caught on camera smashing the back windshield of a car with his helmet at a Vernon intersection.

A YouTube user under the name "Honest Citizen" posted a dashcam video showing the incident that occurred Tuesday afternoon at the intersection of Bandini Boulevard and Downey Avenue.

A motorcyclist, with a helmet in hand, walked up to a dark gray Nissan with paper plates at a busy intersection at a red light and talked to the driver.

The confrontation between the two ended when the motorcyclist appeared to punch the door. As he walked away, he proceeded to smash the back windshield with his helmet.

As he quickly headed back to his bike, the driver got out of his car, opened his trunk and grabbed some type of hammer. He just missed the motorcyclist as he left, cutting off a yellow truck as he turned left on Bandini Boulevard.

The Vernon Police Department is scouring it in slow motion and will enhance the video, hoping to identify the license plate number of the motorcycle, said Vernon city spokesman Fred McFarlane.

Police are also hoping to speak to the driver of the vehicle and hope witnesses will come forward to determine what transpired before the incident.

Editor's Note: The video attached to this article has been removed due to licensing restrictions. 

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