National Park Service

Mountain Lion Caught on Camera at Home in Hills of Burbank

National Park Service has been tracking the mountain lion, identified as P-41, since May

A mountain lion was spotted and caught on camera in the backyard of a house in the hills of Burbank this week, police said.

The mountain lion, identified as P-41 by the National Park Service, was seen on the home's surveillance system carrying a raccoon in his mouth, according to the Burbank Police Department

While the exact location of the sighting was not released at the request of the National Park Service, Burbank police said the home is above Sunset Canyon Drive and south of Magnolia Avenue in Burbank.

P-41 wears a GPS tracking collar and has been tracked since May and studied by the National Park Service's Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area team, Burbank police said.

The National Park Service team believes P-41 has been spending the majority of his time in the natural areas of the Verdugo Mountains on a diet of mostly mule deer.

"There is no indication that P-41 has demonstrated any abnormal or aggressive behavior," National Park Service Public Affairs Officer Kate Kuykendall said. "He is in his natural habitat and taking his natural prey."

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