Los Angeles

Mountain Lion Cubs Found in Santa Susana Mountains

Researchers found five kittens in two different dens

The camera pans into the face of a mountain cub curled up in the bushes of the eastern Santa Susana Mountains, staring into the lens with its bright blue eyes. It opens its mouth and lets out a tiny squeal, baring its small, sharp teeth for the camera.

This footage was released by National Park Service Wednesday, giving the public a glimpse of the two litters of mountain lion cubs discovered in June. 

The two males and three females make up the 10th and 11th litters found by park researchers. Both litters are suspected to have the same father, P-38.

The kittens were eartagged and returned to their dens. 

The mountain lions of Los Angeles reside primarily in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area and the Santa Ana Mountains. However, freeways built in these areas have split up and isolated these populations, endangering them.

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