Mountain Lion Spotted by SoCal Residents Is P-22

A video posted this week shows the famous mountain lion sitting behind a Hollywood Hills home

Reported sightings of a mountain lion roaming parts of Southern California were confirmed Tuesday to be P-22, a well-known mountain lion that lives in the local wilderness.

Several Southern California residents reported the mountain lion in various areas, including the Hollywood Hills. Resident Jaimie Hindlin reported seeing the mountain lion and posted a video to her Instagram account on Monday, which showed P-22 sitting in a corner in her backyard.

"That is not a prop people," said the photographer. "That is a real animal and we are not on a safari."

The National Park Service confirmed Tuesday that P-22 was safely back in the natural area of Griffith Park.

The famous mountain lion designated P-22 has lived for several years in the wildnerness surrounding Griffith Park and has occasionally been sighted in nearby neighborhoods.

Robert Kovacik contributed to this report.

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