1 in 5 Women Prefer Facebook Over Sex

About one in five women would rather give up sex than Farmville or posting on their Facebook wall, a recent study revealed. And 30 percent would rather text than have sex.

The study, by women's magazine Cosmopolitan, polled 2,000 readers about what they would be willing to give up for seven days. And Cosmo being the kind of skanky magazine that it is, asked its readers if they would give up sex for a week or miss a week of television, their computer, texting and, of course, Facebook.

While 20 percent of respondents said they preferred Facebook over sex, respondents also refused to give up their computer (57 percent) or cell phone (50 percent) for intimate relations.

The scenario -- what would you give up for (insert technology here) has been going on for a while. Earlier this month, TeleNav said that 33 percent of its 514 respondents, would prefer to go without sex than their mobile phone (and the vast majority of this number were women.) And there's some truth to smartphones being beloved objects -- 66 percent of respondents sleep with the devices next to them.

Perhaps there's something to this after all. Scientists have found that Facebook interaction can release oxytocin, the same hormone released during orgasm and often gives people the feeling of falling in love.

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