12-13-14: Vegas Weddings Make a Date

The rare sequence of numbers means nuptials packages around Sin City.

THAT STALE JOKE... the one about an anniversary date being forgotten, year after year, could probably be officially retired. It's pretty dang hoary, is the thing, not to mention it has been trotted out so many times that all surprise -- the soul of comedy -- has been pretty much wrung out of it, fully. But finding more comedic fun in wedding dates is not off the table, and there's a fairly spectacular day on the calendar just ahead. Not just any day, mind you, but a day when many a couple will knot-it-up, nuptial-style, with that The Reigning Capital of Knot-Tying, Las Vegas, being a much-discussed destination. So, what's that date, anyway? At first glance it looks like the other 364 squares containing numbers on any given calendar: Dec. 13, 2014. But when written this way -- 12-13-14 -- it suddenly taken on magical properties, thanks to its sequential nature. Okay, if you want to trot out that old chestnut, one last time, about needing to remember an anniversary date, now's the time: This is a nifty and number-nice anniversary, one that's hard to put out of your head. 

EVEN BETTER... in matters of wedding planning? Dec. 13 is a Saturday. When other lucky dates fall on the calendar, involving 7s, or Valentine's Day rolls around, Sin City still sees a huge influx of marry-us twosomes, even if the date in question falls on a Tuesday. But a Saturday means that packages like the MGM Grand's Numerology Package, which nets you a professional pianist and hair service at Christophe Salon, may get snapped up. And Sweethearts Wedding Chapel is offering a few different heart-laden deals, including For My Love and Love of My Life (music, roses, and more sentimental goodies await). Wherever you step into that romantic sunset with your pumpkin, best book soon. If you decide to head over to The Strip the day before, on 12-12, you may not find too many packages left. Say, 12-12 is an easy-to-remember, lovely-sounding wedding date, too...

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