18-Year-Old Getting Breast-Enhancement Surgery Went Into Coma, Lawsuit says

The teen has been in a long-term care facility in Denver since late August, the suit says

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An 18-year-old Colorado woman's breast-enhancement surgery in August went wrong, putting her in a coma in which she has remained since, her parents allege in a lawsuit.

Emmalyn Nguyen's parents allege negligence in a lawsuit filed in Arapahoe County Court against the doctor and nurse who allegedly administered anesthesia to the young woman before her Aug. 1 surgery.

The lawsuit says that the pair, Dr. Geoffrey Kim and nurse anesthetist Rex Meeker, left Nguyen "unobserved" for 15 minutes after putting her under anesthesia, which the parents claim is contrary to medical best practices.

During the pair's absence, the lawsuit says, something went wrong with the anesthesia. As a result, Nguyen now lives "in a permanent 'semi-conscious' state" and faces "permanent mental and physical impairment" from her brain injury that requires round-the-clock care, including a permanent feeding tube, the suit says.

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