25 Things Articles Arriving as Fast as 25 Things Lists

If you're on Facebook, you've likely received a list of 25 Random Things (the title has slightly changed and transmogrified over the days) from several friends. Or perhaps you created a round-up about yourself. The 25 Things lists generally contain secrets and/or factoids big and small -- this friend likes tomatoes but can't stand tomato sauce, for example -- that are innocuous, friendly, and make for a fun browse while waiting for that phone call from your doctor or the tea kettle to come to a boil.

But now, the articles about the phenemonon are arriving and fast -- three from USA Today, The New York Times and Time, all in a spate of days. Well, hours. And, yes, we're now writing about people writing about people writing those lists (it reminds us of the infinity mirrors you sometimes find in fancy bathrooms). And as varied as the opinions are about the 25 Things -- and you'll find plenty of can't-get-enough-ers and the not-so-much-ers -- we do agree with the New York Times piece that memes like this inspire more people to write more on a voluntary basis. A positive thing.

That said, we have a suggestion. The next time such a meme starts up, why not make it tip-oriented, or full of helpful suggestions about where the author works and plays? While we are always happy to hear a friend share something interesting -- they can do a cartwheel while humming "Happy Birthday" comes to mind -- we're kind of keen on stuff that makes lives easier overall. Like maybe 25 Random Places I Go for a Snack in Santa Monica, or 25 Inexpensive Dress Shops in the Valley.

Not to be meme -- er, mean. Just a thought.

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