37 Cloves: Gilroy Eating Contest

That's the one-minute record to beat at the 2017 hot-of-mouth gathering.

IF YOU'RE A HOT FOODS FAN, there is literally a .000001 chance that you've never been charmingly challenged, by a friend or family member, to eat a pepper or a bowl of fiery salsa or a clove of garlic while they look on in sheer wonder. It may, in fact, be your go-to signature party trick, the wowza foodie feat you pull out while standing in a pal's kitchen or sitting at the head of the table at a restaurant. But riddle yourself this: If you can indeed devour a whole clove of raw garlic without flinching, even after thoroughly chewing it and letting its garlicky fire shine through, can you chow down on two in a row? How about a half dozen? While we're at it, can you eat 37 cloves of garlic? In a minute or less?

HOO BOY: We'll just pause here, to gather our wits, and take a long sip of H2O, and say "hooooo boy" yet again. Because that is something else, 37 cloves of garlic in a minute, though competitors will attempt to reach that record at The Great Gilroy Garlic Eating Contest on Friday, July 28. No ifs, ands, or bulbs about it: This is going to be one of the most-watched showdowns of the 2017 Gilroy Garlic Festival, as those who know what they're in for attempt to break the previous record of 36 cloves consumed in under a minute. (Hats off to Patrick Bertoletti, who bested past records in East Dundee, Illinois back in 2012.)

HOW TO ENTER? You'll need to start with a video, taken of you, consuming not one, not two, but five cloves. You'll need to post it in certain spots, by June 23, 2017, and include some hashtaggery. What's the ultimate prize? The victor'll snap a pair of VIP entries to the 2018 festival, plus, of course, "ultimate bragging rights." Can we say it again? Hooooooo boy, my goodness, and do we ever need another sip of ice water, right about now.

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