90% of U.S. Homes Have 3 or More Connected Devices

Getty Images/Blend Images

It seems that most American homes have smartphones, computers and likely a film-streaming subscription for their Internet-connected TV or set-top box. About 90 percent of all U.S. households have three or more devices connected to the Internet and about half have five or more.

The average number per household is 5.2 devices, according to data from Ericsson, the Re/Code reported. About 1 in 4 homes have seven or more devices.

So what are we doing with all these gadgets? Well, a family of four might have a smartphone for each member, as well as a family tablet and computer, a Netflix or Amazon Prime account and set-top box (or even Google's Chromecast). That's seven right there.

Hopefully we're not using all of them at the same time, although a Pew study showed that many people are often watching television while also using smartphones or computers to browse the Internet.

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