Report: 99% of Android Phones Have Security Glitch

Some researchers believe they have uncovered a major security break in the Android mobile operating system that could affect almost all of its smartphones, according to a report.
Bluebox Security, a mobile security startup, wrote about the flaw on its corporate blog, saying that the bug gave hackers a "master key" into the Android OS, according to the Washington Post. Apparently the weakness is the security verification process on Google Play applications, which lets hackers modify APK code to turn an app into malware that take over anyone's phone without flagging any attention.
Hackers can steal any information the app would collect, as well as possibly turning the phone into a zombie.
Bluebox said it reported the security problem to Google in February, but it's up to manufacturers to issue fixes. Only some have, namely the Samsung Galaxy S4, according to Bluebox.
As always, there are some ways to lessen the problem: don't download suspicious apps and update your device. Although Android is known for having more malware than Apple's iOS system, the main problem seems to be user-generated by downloading free and often compromised games and apps.
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