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2014 Tweet Predicts Cubs-Indians Game 7 Through 9 Innings



    Anthony Rizzo's father is watching his son play a pivotal role in the Cubs' historic postseason run. Peggy Kusinski talks about how he's feeling as the team prepares for Game 7 of the World Series. (Published Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2016)

    A tweet that was first published in 2014 has resurfaced Wednesday, leaving fans of both the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs speechless.

    The tweet not only predicted that the Cubs and the Indians would be in the World Series, and that the game would go to Game 7, but it also predicted it would be tied in extra innings. The tweet ended with #apocalypse. 

    It's time stamp sat at 11:23 a.m., Nov. 4, 2014. 

    As of 10:30 p.m. Wednesday, the Cubs-Indians World Series Game 7 sat tied 6-6 in the ninth inning. 

    It's not clear who exactly runs the account or what prompted the prediction two years ago. 

    "2016 World Series. Cubs vs Indians," the tweet reads. "And then the world will end with the score tied in game seven in extra innings #apocalypse."

    It's not the first eerie prediction to surface this World Series. 

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    A quote from a Cubs fan published in a 1993 high school yearbook predicted a 2016 Cubs World Series win. 

    The Cubs went on to beat the Indians to capture their first World Series title in 108 years.