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NY Elementary School Has Correctly Predicted Every President Since 1968

Students at Benjamin Franklin Elementary school have predicted the correct president in the last seven election cycles



    NY Elementary School Predicts Every President Since 1968

    Some very young political scientists at a Westchester elementary school are taking a shot at predicting history. It turns out their school has a pretty impressive track record. Ida Siegal reports. (Published Thursday, Nov. 3, 2016)

    They may not be old enough to legally vote, but age hasn't stopped students at a Westchester elementary school from predicting history. 

    The children have a serious legacy to uphold at Benjamin Franklin Elementary School in Yorktown Heights. Students correctly predicted Richard Nixon would be president in 1968, and the school hasn't been wrong on a presidential election since. 

    "Our whole staff is a little nervous," said Principal Patricia Moore. "We are a good predictor [of who will win the presidential election]."

    Teachers explained the electoral process to students, which hasn't been easy during a campaign season that has been crude and wrought with scandal. Instead of focusing on candidates, students were asked about traits that qualify a candidate as a good president.

    "We have been trying to stay away from the candidates and really talk to them about the process of what's happening and preparing them for their roles as voters as well," said teacher Danielle Stiehl.

    Children lined up single file inside an election-themed classroom, complete with patriotic fan drapery and a string of American flags dangling above a blue-curtained voting booth. Inside the booth, a teacher assisted students with voting by instructing them to pull a lever in the direction of their choice.

    At the end of the day, students eagerly sat inside the auditorium for an announcement of the election results. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote with 52 percent — according to the kids.

    The auditorium erupted into wild screams. 

    Whether the children of Ben Franklin Elementary get this year's president right or not, each voter is left with the feeling that regardless of the results, their ballot certainly counts. 

    "I learned that it counts when you vote," said 11-year-old Brian Schiller. "Everyone deserves to have a chance to vote."