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On May 23, ABC's "Lost" will conclude with an epic two-and-a-half hour series finale – an episode that, in true "Lost" fashion, may leave as many questions as answers for the sci-fi drama. But before the head scratching begins, has racked our brains, poured over our DVDs and scoured Lostpedia to bring you 10 of the show's biggest scenes and boldest moments in chronological order. Beware: the jungle is full of spoilers.

1) Smokey Arrives

The "Lost" pilot was full of dozens of memorable moments, but perhaps none as important as the introduction of the smoke monster – a creature thought for months by "Lost"-watchers to be anything from a dinosaur to mere imagination until ultimately being revealed in the fifth and sixth seasons as the show's ultimate antagonist — a man-turned-monster who eventually took on the form of the deceased John Locke in an attempt to escape the island. After Flight 815 crashed, "Smokey" made his presence known by tearing the plane's pilot out of the cockpit with a "Jurassic Park"-esque roar.

2) Claire Gives Birth

"Do No Harm" in season 1 marks two milestones for "Lost" – Claire giving birth to baby Aaron and the show's first castaway death, as Jack is unable to save Boone after a jungle injury in which he fell while trapped in a crashed plane. The happier news came after Claire was abducted by the Others' Ethan and used as a test case in the Others' studies of pregnancy on the island.

3) Down The Hatch

Season 1 ended with the show's biggest cliffhanger yet – what's in the Dharma Initiative's Swan Hatch (we had no idea what it was at the time)? After blowing it open, Jack, Locke and Kate realize in the beginning of season 2 they're not alone, discovering Desmond Hume within and kicking off a series of events that ends with the hatch's explosion in the season finale.

4) Michael Shoots Ana Lucia & Libby

After the introduction of "The Tailies" in "The Other 48 Hours" – survivors from the other half of Oceanic Flight 815 – early in season 2, the show proceeded to kill them all off, with the saddest deaths coming as Michael gunned down Ana Lucia and Libby in "Two for the Road." Michael, blackmailed by the Others and desperate to rescue his son, Walt, shot them to rescue Others leader Benjamin Linus in a trade for his boy. The only current surviving Tailie is Cyndi the stewardess, who joined the others, reappearing in season 6.

5) Kate & Sawyer's Cage Sex

In "I Do," tensions mounted as Jack operated on Ben, and Kate and Sawyer were held captive in the Others' cages – meanwhile, the Jack-Kate-Sawyer love triangle came to a head as the latter two made love in captivity, footage Jack soon saw on the monitors inside the Others' compound.

6) Locke's Daddy Drama

"Lost" is nothing if not a show about Daddy (and sometimes Mommy) issues, but "The Man From Tallahassee" took the cake. After giving his father, Anthony Cooper (the original con man "Sawyer"), his kidney, Locke learned he'd been conned by his old man in Season 1's "Deus Ex Machina." Two seasons later, Locke found his dad in another con – after confronting him, Cooper pushed him out a window, paralyzing him from the waist down. Later, we learned it was Jacob's touch that saved his life.

7) "The Constant"

One of "Lost's" most beloved relationships is that of star-crossed lovers Desmond and Penny – and never was their love better showcased than in season 4's "The Constant," the staff pick for's favorite "Lost" episode of all time! Desmond travels back and forth through time, encountering Daniel Faraday, as his brain becomes increasingly unstable, but ultimately, his feelings for Penny – and a well-timed phone call – save his life.

8) Juliet Sets Off The Bomb

As season 5 drew to a close, the season finale ended with a bang – a nuclear one, courtesy of Juliet smashing away at a 1950s bomb. Or did it? The "The Incident" cliffhanger didn't quite get answered as season 6 kicked off, with the show ending up between two realities — the "flash sideways," in which the bomb seemed to have gone off and changed the flow of time — and the somewhat uninfluenced world of the island in "real time" (whatever that means at this point in the series!)

9) Jacob Shows His Face

The season 5 finale also offered another shocker – the reveal of the godlike Jacob, the man behind Ben, Richard and the Others' missions for decades, perhaps even centuries. And also, we meet his arch-rival, the yet-to-be-named Man In Black. Of course, no sooner did Jacob show his face than Locke – revealed to be the Man In Black – convinces Ben to kill him.

10) Desmond Sees Sideways

Working under Charles Widmore in the flash sideways reality, in season 6's "Happily Ever After," a near-death experience with Charlie reveals to Desmond a vision of previous "Lost" events – and his life with Penny lost to changes in the space-time continuum. The epiphany sets him on a course to open the eyes of his Flight 815 colleagues – leading directly into the show's final episodes.

What will happen next? Tune in on May 18 (for the penultimate episode) and May 23 (for the series finale) on ABC to find out.

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