Actor Matthew Modine's Cheesy Promo Video Helped Sell His Chelsea Apartment

The "Full Metal Jacket" actor takes you on a tour of the ritzy home.

Last year, actor Matthew Modine took a bold move in selling his 1,668-square-foot condo--he created a promotional video that starred whom other than the "Full Metal Jacket" star himself.

In it, he points out some of the home's most stand-out features, such as its 17-plus-foot ceilings and private outdoor space. He ends the video saying that he's off to Madison Square Garden to "watch the New York Knickerbockers."

"I would say it made an impact," said Halstead Property agent Mark Friedman.

He was right. The 2.5-bathroom home was recently sold for $2.1 million, reports The Real Deal. That's a bit under Modine's $2.29 million asking price. Not bad, considering that Modine paid $1.73 million for the home five years ago.

The home also includes an all-glass kitchen and Nordic Ash flooring. Check it out!

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