Adam Lambert On Going Up Against The Girls On November 23 & His ‘Bondage’ Themed Music Video

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Adam Lambert's first post-"American Idol" album is due out on November 23, the same day as Rihanna, Shakira and Susan Boyle's new efforts, but the rocker isn't running scared.

"It's a big day, but what boys are on the block?" Adam laughed of being the lone superstar male on a day filled with superstar female releases. "I'm just excited to get the record out there. I'm excited for people to be able to hear what I've been working on the last couple of months and… for people to hear what I've always wanted to do."

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Adam's effort, "For Your Entertainment," is a big moment for the "Idol" runner-up.

"This is a big labor of love," he told Access Hollywood of the album. "This is what I've been working towards since I've been in LA for the past eight years. My dreams are coming true — and I know it sounds very cliche — but it really does feel that way."

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Access visited the singer on the set of his debut music video, which shares the same title as the album, and because it was his first video clip, Adam made sure it was attractive.

"It goes into like all forms of sexy," Adam explained of the video. "You know how people sometimes take sexy to extremes? That's how I'd probably put it… A little light bondage, little light fetish kind of undertones, but I think the most important thing is we're not trying to be gratuitous about it. We're definitely trying to create high fashion moments, pictures using fetishes and bondage as more of a fashion piece as opposed to any sort of gratuitous act."

Adam said the sexy clip is reflective of the song's material.

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"I think it depends on the song," he said. "If a song is provocative then therefore the imagery supporting it should be somewhat provocative. I think this song kind of has a double meaning. It is sensual and one of the things that I think is really interesting about using bondage and fetish undertones is it's more of a metaphor for restraint and holding back and keeping things inside and not [being] able to just be free."

But while fame comes with more exposure and less of a private life, Adam said his own life has gotten more free professionally.

"Opportunities now are available to me and that's why I wanted to audition for 'Idol,'" he said. "What's beautiful about that show is that you get put in front of all these people on TV and it's up to them to vote if they like it and they liked it so now I get to do what I've always wanted."

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