Adrien Brody Won't Take Mutant BS in “Predators”

Adrien Brody might have lost out to a genetic mutant in "Splice," but you can bet all your semi-automatic ammo that he's not going to hold back against the creatures in "Predators."

The July release has Brody in the unusual position of pumped-up action hero.

"This is the kind of comic-book leading man character that I have wanted to play for many years," says Brody.

Brody saw the movie's testosterone pumped-up 1987 original when he was 14.  "Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would get that kind of Schwarzenegger-esque role," he says, speaking at the press day for "Splice."

"But I had to work really hard to kind of get to that point."

Even though Brody is Oscar-winning acting money, the studios were not entirely eager to wager on him as an action star (and no doubt they probably quaked in their boots when they saw the uninspiring numbers Jake Gyllenhaal pulled in for "Prince of Persia.").

Brody admits he's no Arnold. But that's okay.

"Strength is often depicted in Hollywood on a more superficial interpretation," says Brody. "Real strength comes from within, especially with military minds and leaders who are not necessarily physically imposing. But they can carry the weight."

"They have something in them I felt I could convey."

And it doesn't exactly hurt that he put on 25 pounds of bulk for the part.


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