Airpnp, the App for Bathroom Emergencies

Imagine being a big city and you're desperately searching for a bathroom -- now there's an application that will connect you with a host's bathroom for a fee.

Airpnp lists both public and private bathrooms, but it's the private ones that will cost around $1 to $10, according to BuzzFeed. A reporter decided to use the app while driving around Brooklyn and Queens (Manhattan private bathrooms were minimal, he reported) and did a short review of each bathroom ranging from OK to kitschy. Unfortunately, the $10 bathroom in Astoria, Queens was unavailable

The app requires a login and credit card to be used, so there's no cash changing hands. At least one of the hosts said he preferred the credit card usage because it would "filter out the lowlifes."

At first glance, the app may not seem much different than SitorSquat, but borrowing from Airbnb, homeowners or business owners will offer their toilets for a price. While smaller or suburban areas probably won't need the app as much -- where most Starbucks and McDonald's don't have tokens to keep out non-customers -- it's the bladder- or colon-challenged urban dwellers who will need the app.

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