An Eclipse, the Redwoods, and You

Eureka will be the first U.S. city to experience the upcoming eclipse.


EPIC MEETS EPIC: The redwoods? They're pretty dang epic, even if you're just hiking and gnawing on some trail mix and listening to your friend gab on about his new girlfriend's new dog. An eclipse? It's pretty dang epic, even if you're watching it from the balcony of your apartment, in the city, and the restaurant's sign next door keeps blinking bright in neon pink. But put those two epic things together -- redwoods and eclipse -- and you have a mega epic event, or at least a happening that has the goods to be very memorable. It so happens a solar eclipse is heading for North America on Sunday, May 20, and it so happens that Eureka will be "the first major U.S. city" to experience it (we love Eureka for its ability to be "the first major U.S. city" for lots of stuff; we'd personally rock that billing 24/7). And check it out; the viewing borders for this eclipse are Crescent City to Garberville, meaning the Bay Area and parts south are right out (so say the redwoods people, and we always put stock in them).

MORE DETAILS: A few places and clubs in the area will be marking the event; Elk Meadow Cabins has a stay-over discount available and there's a Solar Eclipse Block Party in Arcata that day. (Arcata, we love you; we'd be saddened and surprised if you didn't throw a full-on Solar Eclipse Block Party.) For more Humboldt haps surrounding the cosmic wow, and to find your own grove of redwoods in which to rock it, read up here.

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