And the Winner of “The Biggest Loser” Is …

She ain't heavy, she's my sister.

On Tuesday night's season finale of the "Biggest Loser," it came down to sisters Hannah Curlee and Olivia Ward competing for the title of "Biggest Loser."

Ward, the last contestant to weigh in, beat Curlee to win the show's $250,000 grand prize after the scale revealed that she lost 129 pounds, or 49.43 percent of her total starting weight of 261 pounds, coming down to a final weight of 132 pounds.

Before she stepped on the scale, Ward said the weight loss has enabled her to focus on her opera singing and that now she can go after saucier roles.

The sisters also told each other how proud they were to go through their five-month weight-loss journey together.

First runner-up Curlee lost 120 pounds — 48.39 percent of her starting weight of 248 pounds — to land at her current weight of 128 pounds. Curlee, the first of the three finalists to get on the scale, was ecstatic after seeing the number 128.

"I feel like a completely new person, I went from nothing to everything," she said before yelling "and I'm in the 120s!"

It was the show's first all-female finale after TV viewers voted for Irene Alvarado to join the two sisters. Alvarado lost 116 pounds to a finale weight of 139 pounds.

Ward wasn't the only winner at the finale. The season's eliminated contestants each had a shot at winning $100,000. Deni Hill, the 59-year-old mother of eight, won the cash after the scale showed that she had lost 125 pounds, going from 256 to 131.

The finale marked trainer Jillian Michaels' last appearance on the show.

"I'm eternally grateful," she said, "and I'm excited to take the platform I've been given to the next level."

Also during the finale, the show confirmed the rumors about the next season's new trainer. It's former tennis player Anna Kournikova, who some might argue is more well-known for her curvaceous body than her tennis playing.

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