Do Ask, Do Tell: App Predicts If Your Son Is Gay

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Rather than just asking your son if he's gay, there's an app you ask, instead.

In Google's Android app store there's a download called "Is Your Son Gay?" -- and it's only 99 cents. In 20 easy questions, parents can determine their son's sexualtiy. The app has, predictably, caused an internet furor.

"Does he like sports?" "Does he like diva music?" "Are you divorced?"

Eliza Byard, executive director of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Educational Network, denounced the app with, "The questions in this app are horrendous stereotypes that would be completely laughable if they weren't so dangerous."

The French developer of the app swears it is mean in jest, and is not to be taken (too?) seriously.

Recently, however, Lady Gaga dedicated an entire concert to one of her fans that committed suicide after being harassed for being gay by classmates.

Another critic wonders how well the app predicts homosexuality.

"We hope the app is accurate. We wouldn't want any mother to be disappointed," Ben Summerskill, CEO of gay charity, Stonewall, told the (London) Daily Mail.

And for 99 cents he can find out.

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