Google Announces Android Market's Renovation

Google finally took pity on Android users and is now attempting to make navigating the Android Market's more than 20,000 applications a little easier, the company reported.

Google will now divide up the Android Market into five different sections: top app charts, editor's choice, top developers, related apps and trending apps, Fernando Delgado, production manager for Android Market, wrote on the Google Mobile Blog

Top App Charts will feature the most downloaded apps, both free and paid.

Editor's Choice will feature the best apps chosen by Android Market staff (although don't you get the feeling this might be a bit of advertising too?)

Top Developers is a spot to promote "highest quality" or most popular developers

Better Related Apps can help users find apps frequently browsed next to the one they are deciding on and see what others bought or installed

Trending Apps is a category that will show the fastest-growing apps

While I'm not 100 percent sure this will solve all the Android Market problems, at least the new sections will help a little. My only concern is that the "Editor's Choice" and  "Top Developers" could be solely advertising-based, rather than based on quality apps or developers. Let's hope that Google decides to promote apps that have some utility, fun and good design rather than charging developers to appear higher in the Android Market rankings.

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