Anna Wintour Plays Seth Meyers' Boss and Talks Met Gala on “Late Night”

Anna Wintour is best known for being the influential editor-in-chief of American Vogue, but most people are surprised to learn that she is also a comedy icon.

Seth Meyers revealed that the heroine of the fashion world is also the Executive Producer of “Late Night,” and has been behind “every major comedy decision in the last 40 years.”

“‘Saturday Night Live’ was her idea, she directed ‘Animal House,’ and she told Jerry Seinfeld the show should be about nothing,” Meyers divulged during an interview.

The host premiered his mockumentary “Anna Wintour: Comedy Icon,” in which the infamous editor takes on the roll of Meyers’ boss in a behind-the-scene’s look at “Late Night.”

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Playing off of Wintour’s reputation for being an intimidating and demanding boss, Meyers fearfully tip-toes around the fashion icon, while the “Late Night” staff comes to work dressed up in tuxedoes and ballgowns.

“Seth, I don’t understand this part of the sketch,” Wintour questions during a script meeting with Meyers. “Why is Abraham Lincoln driving a BMW? Wouldn’t it be much funnier if he were driving a Lincoln?”

At “The Anna Wintour Show,” as one writer calls it, the woman who inspired Meryl Streep’s character in “The Devil Wears Prada,” is the “creative engine” behind "Late Night." And though she's a difficult boss to please, nothing seems to make Meyers happier than getting Wintour's stamp of approval.

"She pushes you really hard, but the sketch is 100 times better," Meyers whimpers. "I try so hard for her."

"Oh, stop crying," Wintour scolds as she walks past the host. "You're a grown man."

Wintour also critiqued the fashions at the Met Gala — themed “Chinese White Tie” —
which seemed to confuse many of the invited guests and flooded the Vogue office’s with calls requesting an explanation.

“I made it up” Wintour admitted. “It basically means white-tie with a touch of China.”

The Vogue editor applauded the men, who stuck to the theme of the night better than the women, and spoke highly of Justin Bieber, Dwyane Wade, George Clooney and her BFF Kanye West.

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“I adore Kanye,” Wintour said. “He likes to talk to about anything, and I like to listen. So we have a very close relationship.”

“That’s a perfect match,” Meyers joked.

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