Some Apps Crashing Macs, IPhones

An iOS developer reported that Apple's App Store is updating its apps -- which then immediately crash.

Marco Arment, creator of Instapaper, wrote about the instance on his blog and found that other apps were crashing on Macs and iPhones. The affected apps:

 •Instapaper, obviously
 •GoodReader (more info)
 •Readdle Scanner Pro
 •Angry Birds Space HD Free
 •Gaia GPS
 •Flick Soccer
 •iBike Moto
 •Please Stay Calm
 •Pinball Maniacs
 •Stack the States
 •Checkout Helper
 •Melodies Pro
 •SMARTReporter (Mac)
 •PDX Bus
 •CommBank Kaching

It's a far cry from Apple's message that the iOS and Mac App Stores are safe places to download, according to the Verge. Although the apps were vetted, they still crashed immediately at launch.

Arment said that what he submitted to Apple worked fine, but when he received the 4.2.3 update it still crashed upon opening. The problem is now fixed, but other users of different apps have reported similar issues. So far, the only cure is to delete the app and reinstall a working version which may be harder than it sounds.

As of this writing, Apple hasn't issued an explanation or a fix, so App Store buyers should beware before downloading any new apps.

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