Apple: More Online Shoppers Than Walmart

Apple Campus
Getty Images

Apple has more online shoppers than Walmart, and is one of the few retailers (other than eBay and Amazon) in the Top 15 visited sites in November.

So why does Apple have 20 million more unique visitors than Walmart? Apparently it's because of iTunes it being the only place to buy the iOS's popular music and apps. In fact, Apple calls Christmas day "Download Day" because that's the day users typically load up their newly acquired iPod, iPad or iPhone, according to AdAge. Apparently owners of new iOS devices can't wait a day to download the latest Michael Buble album or Angry Birds.

The comScore data for top U.S. online properties ranked Apple as No. 13 at 79 million unique visitors. Walmart was ranked No. 18 at 58 million unique visitors. Both are enviable numbers, especially considering Sears, JCPenney, Target and Twitter rank considerably lower. However, Sears, JCPenney and Target's activity jumped high in November -- most likely attributed to people buying presents online.

Apple essentially has the only portal to buy apps for the iOS, so it will always be popular with its users. That will only change when the machines do.

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