Apple Buying Disney?


Apple should buy Disney to create an entertainment powerhouse, according to at least one analyst.

Apple is unlikely to create a new gadget such as the iPhone, so Disney is a way for Apple to "keep growing," according to the Washington Post.

“The logic is so great this could happen tomorrow,” Francis McInerney, a consultant at North River Ventures, told the Post. “The two companies have an identical way of thinking in complementary markets. There’s nothing they do that competes with another. And yet combined this would be a powerhouse deal in the imagining.”

McInerney said that it's the power of the cloud that has made an Apple-Disney deal imperative. The low cost of storing content could be the catalyst for action because Disney could easily grow in a new platform, much like "Netflix on steroids."
Apple recently announced its new channel lineup on Apple TV which contained ABC News, part of Disney, so perhaps Apple has already been strengthening its partnership. Critics say that Apple would never buy Disney which would likely cost upwards of $140 billion -- although Apple has more than that in its dragon's hoard of cash. McInerney said the deal is nonetheless "frighteningly obvious," according to the Post.
If Apple purchases Disney, the decision would be taking the company into a very different direction -- with Apple becoming a media company rather than just a tech company. This isn't necessarily a bad idea, after all it's what Google has become, but one that will change the very heart of the Cupertino, Calif. company.
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