Apple Creating Better Hearing for Users

Getty Images
Apple unveiled that its iOS 6 will introduce its new  "Made for iPhone" hearing aids that will give the hearing-impaired a better digital experience, and now it's applying for two patents to do just that.
The two patents are for a hearing-assistance system consistent with human speech and another promising a visual or auditory notification for an external noise such as doorbell or fire alarm, according to AppleInsider. Both are expected to make their debut in the Made for iPhone hearing aids.
The hearing-assistance system will attempt to solve inconsistent speech patterns or accents for the user.  An example would be in a lecture hall where the user must concentrate to hear what a professor is saying, but also what is being written on a board. Instead, the patent would convert the speech into text and then into consistent computer-generated speech sent to the hearing aid. Users can manipulate speed and playback.
In the second patent, users will be able to receive audible or visual notifications when a doorbell rings or a fire alarm goes off. 
You have to admire Apple's ingenuity for creating a "Made for iPhone" hearing aid, which is bound to be a big seller -- especially if it's on the iPhone 5. And if it consistently updates and tweaks the device, it will make the iPhone a necessity for those with any hearing impairment.
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