Apple Expected to Take on Android Apps at WWDC

So, this is all about Apple crushing Android dominance? This seems to be some of the thoughts of industry professionals at the start of Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference today in San Francisco.

Reuters explains it this way: 

More than ever, the consumer electronics juggernaut finds itself in a pitched battle with the online search giant - in smartphones, cloud computing and the never-ending competition for the hearts and minds of the best software developers.

While rumors say that Apple will debut new applications that don't need Google (its new maps app for instance,) the company also expected to launch several new MacBooks and revitalize its laptop line. However, there seems to be some belief that Apple and Windows could be partnering on the iOS 6.

BetaNews writes that Android (and Google) should be scared by the possible Apple and Microsoft partnering, "Google needs something like QuickOffice that competes. Google Apps isn't enough when Office -- the product enterprises use and love so well -- comes with the device."

Our personal favorite is Seeking Alpha advising investors to sell Google stock now, because it will likely plummet at WWDC.

Our view is that all the drama is unlikely to pay off. It would be a shock if Apple announced its partnership with Windows, but that's unlikely because Microsoft has its own mobile operating system. At least, that's what most people would think, but it also depends on how important it is to Microsoft to crush Android and Google. Microsoft would make money on the Apple deal, but it would hurt its own phone line.

Android is a healthy mobile platform and it's incredibly unlikely that Apple's WWDC will singlehandedly tear that down.

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