Apple Hires Sleep Researcher for IWatch Team

Apple hired a sleep expert to join its so-called iWatch team, likely to help give the device ways to improve sleep quality, according to reports.
Apple hired Roy J.E.M. Raymann from Philips Research, where he was an expert on sleep research and ways to improve sleep without drugs,  9to5Mac reported. Raymann founded the Philips Sleep Experience Laboratory where he monitored and changed sleep patterns through machines, sensors and other devices.
If Apple is using Raymann's expertise, perhaps it hopes to us sleep monitoring and modulating to track or improve sleep. 9to5Mac reports that Apple has been creating a team or fitness and sensor experts to work on its wearable computer project, dubbed the iWatch because it's worn on one's wrist. Apple declined to comment on the story.
If the iWatch will truly be a personal, wearable computer, it seems that Apple would like it to be very personal indeed. It will likely track sleep, breathing, calories, heart rate and perhaps even the efficiency of all four categories.
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