Apple Patents Skipping Broadcast Ads

Getty Images

Users will no longer have to sit through ads on podcasts or TV programs, according to Apple's new patent that was given today.

Apple was granted a patent that will allow its users to skip unwanted audio and video broadcast commercials when listening or viewing content like songs, podcasts or other media, according to AppleInsider. This leads some to believe that this patent will definitely be used with Apple's TV offerings.
U.S. Patent No. 8,249,497 calls for "Seamless switching between radio and local media" and says a mobile device will automatically switch between broadcast content and stored media to offer give the user a respite from ads. Mainly this means listening or viewing other media while the ad commandeers your device for 30 seconds to several minutes. 
While this won't allow users to actually skip over commercials (how great would that be!) to get to the content they way, it gives users a way to entertain themselves without falling victim to consumer propaganda. 
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