Apple Quiet on Siri Outage


Many iPhone 4S users may have noticed that from around 11 a.m to 4 p.m. PST yesterday, Siri suddenly stopped working and was experiencing network problems. However, Apple remains silent about the issue.

The outage is probably easy to understand. Siri has become tremendously popular and overtaxed Apple servers, according to PCMag. It's also in beta testing, so you can't expect perfection, but Apple said neither of these things. Instead, Apple's response or nonresponse seems to be more problematic for users. As PCMag notes:

Apple promotes its products as perfect objects produced by demigods. That is transparently false and in fact impossible, but it has worked for the company so far. That approach only becomes a problem when the human origins of Apple's gadgets turn into obvious bugs.

We can see how that approach doesn't bode well for transparency. As in the Antennagate incident last year, Apple at first refused to acknowledge the problem, then refused to acknowledge it was a large problem, even though reports surfaced the company had known about the issue from its testing phase.

Let's hope Apple learns something from this and lets its customers know what's going on -- for real this time.

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